Review of Haunted House Harbor

by Myra Nour

I wasn’t sure what to think of this book at first. A supernatural, haunted town, plus terrorists carrying out multiple different attacks (bombs, killer bees infected with a deadly virus, & zombies). It seemed like too many elements that are very diverse to bring together in one tale. How could terrorists carry out such well-orchestrated attacks all over the world? Didn’t seem possible to me. But then the author brought in another element that cemented it more cohesively; I’m assuming the Four Horsemen of the Biblical Apocalypse.

Haunted House Harbor was a small town or village; more a collection of unlived in houses than anything. As a reader my antenna was up; why was this place virtually a ghost town? There was only one resident we were introduced to and the old woman seemed harmless…at first. She quickly became creepy and probably evil. We’ll have to wait for a follow-up to see what she really is.

There were several horrifying situations. One was Suzie who was caught up in a traffic jam when a bomb was detonated on top of a building. That was bad enough, especially when the bridge overhead collapsed. But then motorists stuck in traffic were attacked by bees. Suzie quickly discovered things could get worse when the bee-stung dead people turned into zombies and started attacking the people in cars.

Another one that got to me was the Wood family; mother, father and young daughter, trapped in their home by bees.  But the situation escalated when the farm hands, killed by bees, got up as zombies and broke into the house. While the family is held down by the former workers, something more horrible is being done to them than being bitten by zombies. A nightmarish creature attacks the family and is turning them into a new, more dangerous kind of the undead. I don’t want to spoil it, so I’ll leave it up to the reader to discover all the horror perpetrated on these unfortunate characters.

There are other interesting stories concerning various individuals in the story. A complex tale with many different interwoven elements. Recommended for those who love horror, zombies, apocalyptic tales of a divergent kind, all mixed together with supernatural components.



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