Coming This Halloween!

How many of you remember the old NBC Mystery Theater with McMillian and Wife, Columbo, Ellery Queen, McCloud and a few others? Per Wikipedia “The NBC Mystery Movie was a “wheel show”, or “umbrella program” that rotated several programs within the same time period throughout the season.”

Well, guess what? NSBS is launching their own wheel show!  4 authors, 4 novellas, one tale published each month for a year.

We’ve pulled in three amazing authors, Dona Fox, Essel Pratt, and Kevin Candella to join me, Roma Gray in producing this wheel series. More info on this series to follow!

Hunted Tribe 2: Rocket’s Red Glare Has Been Released!

The much anticipated sequel to The Hunted Tribe 1: Declaration of War is finally out. The Hunted Tribe 2: Rocket’s Red Glare is on Amazon. Pick up your copy today!

Who is the killer? A monster…or Sean Wolf’s own grandmother?

Gregg Redcrow is dead and someone killed him. Sean’s mentally-ill grandmother claims it was the Grishla, a dinosaur animal spirit hell-bent on destroying Sean, his family, and the entire Dwanake tribe. She also claims he is the Ultra Witch, the most powerful witch ever born who is destined to slay the beast. But that’s just one of her delusions…right?

The more Sean investigates, the more he doubts everything he has been told as well as his own sanity. Someone is drugging his food…his friends are starting to act strange…and all the while, the clock is ticking down to the day he has to return home. If he leaves, who will take care of his grandmother as her illness progresses? Even worse, if she did indeed murder Gregg, will she kill again?

A terrible dread begins to seep into his bones, and he can almost see the red glare of doom on his horizon…


New Anthologies Published

Two anthologies have been posted this year, The Titan Prophesies (giant monsters/robots) and Trick-or-Treat Thrillers 13 Backyard Monsters.

Two amazing anthologies written by an amazing group of writers. Get your creature fix today!

Halloween 2018 – Trick-or-Treat Thrillers Anthologies!

We’ve interviewed and reviewed so many amazing authors, we thought we’d vote in our favorite from our cast of writers. We will launch for Halloween two anthologies (see covers below) in kindle, paperback, and audiobook! The book features several well known paranormal and horror writers such as Kathryn Meyer Griffith (Dinosaur Lake and Spookie Town Mysteries), Christopher Artinian (Safe Haven Series), Kerry Alan Denney (Jagannath), G.R Jordon (Surface Tensions), David Simpson (Zombie Road series), J. Tonzeilli (The End of Summer: Thirteen Tales of Halloween) and more!

We are accepting a limited number of advertisements, $20 for one ad or $30 for one ad in each book

Horror Dungeon Book Release Parties!

This is a mega-release party for multiple authors, spread across several months. This week, we have our first four authors:

Deals and prizes!

See Interviews with this week’s authors:

Special Editing deal from NightSkyBookServices in honor of the event (

Beta Read: .000666 cents per word ($66.60 for a 100k word novel)

Editing: .00666 cents per word. ($666.00 for a 100k word novel)

Short Story for May: Black Water

Book Description: Mike has a very unusual phobia: He’s terrified of Champ, the creature reported to be living in Lake Champlain. Ever since he was a child, he has been haunted by nightmares about the monster and has avoided the lake most of his life. It’s a ridiculous fear, for the creature couldn’t possibly exist, could it?
Tonight, whether he wants to or not, Mike will finally discover the truth about the lake and its legendary inhabitant.

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