New Release – Haunting Gates of Hell Part 4

Part 1 – 4 is free 1/21/22 – 1/25/22 on Amazon


Seven writers have fled to Mirror House, a picturesque mansion by the sea. Each member of the group is running from a premonition of their own death on July 24th. What they didn’t know is they were, in fact, prophesizing the end of the world, for on that very day billions will die from a relentless heatwave triggered by global warming.

The mansion is now a beacon to many refugees looking to escape the horrific heat in the unnaturally cold tunnels under the house. But the writers have discovered that there is something wrong with this supposed safe haven. Legend has it that the house contains an otherworldly malevolence, and one by one people are going missing. Very soon it becomes clear the house is not a sanctuary at all but a gateway into a different type of Hell.


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