FREE JEA eBooks!

14536805_10211080525953154_99178991_oFrom Now until November 7th, anyone who signs up for the newsletter at JEA ( gets a free ebook from list of 13 below! Also, if you buy 3 books and send sale confirmation to you get 2 free ebooks from list of 13 below.

  1. Rejected For Content 1: Splattergore (anthology) – edited by Jim Goforth
  2. Doorway To Death (anthology) – edited by Amanda M. Lyons and John Ledger
  3. Suburban Secrets 1 (anthology) – edited by John Ledger
  4. Autumn Burnings (anthology) – edited by Amanda Lyons and Sam Gregory
  5. Horrors and Occupational Hazards (collection) – written by Sharon HIga
  6. Plebs (novel) – written by Jim Goforth
  7. Blade of the Destroyer (novel) – written by Andy Peloquin
  8. Scarlet Curse (novel) – written by Toneye Eyenot
  9. Once Upon a Grave (novel) – written by William Bove
  10. Within Strange Aeons: Lovecraft’s Mythos in the 21st Century (anthology) – edited by Michael Fisher
  11. Circle Jerk (novel) – written by Catt Dahman
  12. Of Guilt and Innocence: Institute at the Criminally Insane (novel) – written by Catt Dahman
  13. DC’s Dead (novel) – written by Michael Fisher

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