ON SALE! The Hunted Tribe: Declaration of War – only $1.99 June 11 – June 13

Get the critically acclaimed novel, The Hunted Tribe: Declaration on sale at Amazon over the next few days starting this coming Saturday (June 11)HT_Cover_Final_3-4-16

Review by Kirkus

“Gray delivers suspense throughout…the exposition also offers engaging character development. The teens’ dynamic is likewise solid. Equally appealing back story and characters make a sequel to this novel about an animal spirit something to look forward to.”


Review by Fangoria/Starlog Magazine:

“…unique…a tale of magic and monsters that feels simultaneously intense and personal. Overall, THE HUNTED TRIBE: DECLARATION OF WAR is a highly recommended read, one that will resonate just as hard with seasoned horror fans as it will for a younger reader looking to expand their horizons.”


Readers’ Favorite Review: Five stars

“If you love well written YA, you will love this book. If you love monsters and horror, you will love this book. I’m guessing most readers in general will love this book. It’s that good.”





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