Halloween Blog Hop (Last day)

Hi Everyone! Last day of the Halloween Blog Hop!

This is where a group of horror authors (very talented people, I might add) list something about Halloween on their Blog site about Halloween or about their horror books. Here is the link for the landing site so you can go to the other blogs and see what they are up to 🙂

Landing site: http://francishpowellauthor.weebly.com/halloween-blog-hop.html


Topic: Small Horror Magazines

My final word is to encourage everyone to support the horror magazines out there. You see fewer and fewer ones every day and to keep Halloween alive all year long, we should support them. Below are two I enjoy. How about you?

The Horror zine: http://www.thehorrorzine.com/fiction.html

Horror zine

Nothing’s Sacred: http://jackofnotradesproductions.com/

Website Promo




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