Welcome to Trick or Treat Thrillers!

Click here to get Gray Shadows Under A Harvest Moon at AmazonI’m Roma Gray and this site is dedicated to my books and novels which I refer to as Trick-or -Treat Thrillers. Each story is designed to give you the same thrill, the same frightening rush, every child experiences at Halloween.

To the right is the cover of my first book published Friday the 13th, March 2015, Gray Shadows Under a Harvest Moon. This book is a collection of six Trick-or-Treat Thrillers.

Each story represents an upcoming novel or novel series. Included within the book are interviews with the fictional characters of the stories discussing their upcoming novels.

Planned publishing dates are posted on my Planned Books/Novels page. You can even vote on which one you want me to publish first!

Get Gray Shadows Under a Harvest Moon on Amazon or any of the other major book sellers.

FYI: Contact me to get a free PDF in exchange for a review.



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