Halloween Jokes

August 16, 2015

The Real Reason the Dinosaurs Went Extinct!

(News Flash: August 16, 2016) Scientists have finally discovered the real reason the dinosaurs went extinct.

Dinosaurs were in fact killed off by killer lawn flamingos! While many people think these creatures are cute and decorative, but in reality they are actually related to piranha, and can skeletonize a full size T-Rex is under 60 seconds!

See below the shocking picture:


August 1, 2015

Irish vampire

July 22, 2015

zombie ID

July 11, 2015

vampire pumpkins

(for all you horror writer’s out there)

Sooo happy

July 10, 2015


June 12, 2015

vampire epiphany

Check out Gray Shadows Under a Harvest Moon.

Only $1.99. Twenty-one Reviews and 4.5 stars!

zombie boyfriend

Fright Feast 4 has just been published! A fun series by Brian James Lane

vampire kitten

Special offer on Kathryn Meyer’s book Dinosaur Lake 1.

Free Kindle edition in honor of Jurassic World release. Don’t miss out!

Baby zombie


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