My Books – Gray Shadows Under a Harvest Moon

Book Description and a few Reviews:

The path into darkness begins here…Cover_Final

How often have you read a short story and wished you could see what happened after the big  ending? In this book, the ending is just the beginning as each short story represents a chapter in an upcoming Roma Gray novel or novel series.

SECTION 1: A collection of six Halloween-flavored short stories. The stories are a mixed assortment of   spooky, action adventure, and horror tales.

SECTION 2: Interviews with the fictional characters giving the reader the inside scoop on their upcoming novels.

Never let the adventure end…


  1. FEAST ON FAT TUESDAY: At Mardi Gras, a vampire realizes he has become the prey.
  2. AND THEN EVERYTHING CHANGED: The discovery of Atlantis changes the world in ways no one could have ever anticipated…or wanted.
  3. SUMMER VACATION: A teenager discovers that not only is black magic real, it’s also very unpredictable.
  4. THE INVISIBLE CARRIER: A deadly plague is spreading through the Pacific Northwest, but no one can figure out how. It might just be the truth is too strange to believe.
  5. UNNATURAL DISASTERS: Governments are isolating disaster sites from the rest of the world. What are they trying to hide?
  6. WILL THE REAL MONSTER PLEASE STAND UP? A rampaging mummy, two insane cats, and a secret government agency. For archeologist Alistair Black, it’s turning into a very strange night.





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