Interview – Kathryn Meyer Griffith

In honor of the release of the movie Jurassic World, today’s interview is with Kathryn Meyer Griffith, author of the Dinosaur Lake novels.  And also in honor of the release of this movie, Kathryn is currently offering (for the very first time) a free Kindle edition of the Dinosaur Lake 1, so please jump on this fantastic opportunity while you can!

While Kathryn is well known for her Dinosaur Lake novels, she is an extremely prolific and versatile writer who has published in a wide range of genres from horror to mystery to romance. Just recently, Kathryn published Dinosaur Lake 3 and is finishing up on yet another novel.DinosaurLake_Kindle EPIC LOGO

Trick-or-Treat Thrillers is very pleased to present this interview. It has been a great honor to speak with such an experienced and talented author. Thanks again, Kathryn!

1) How many books have you published?

Over the last 31 years I’ve published 22 novels and six short stories. And soon it’ll be 23 as I’m finishing up the third book in my Spookie Town Murder Mysteries, Ghosts Beneath Us. I was with traditional publishers between 1984 and 2012 (Leisure and Zebra paperbacks, Avalon Books and The Wild Rose Press) but now I self-publish and love it. I make so much more self-publishing than I ever did with the legacy publishers and I have complete control on what the books look and read like; when and how I promote them.I also have twenty Audible audio books available here:

2) What gave you the idea for your Dinosaur Lake book series?

You can go here to read all about that:  in The DinosaurLakeII_KindleFrom The Author section on its sales page. Also…for the first time ever it is FREE in honor of the new Jurassic World movie coming out Friday. Go take a look and download it FREE. Dinosaur Lake’s tale is a very long story that stretches back twenty-three years to 1992 when I actually wrote the first Dinosaur Lake but my new editor at Zebra didn’t like it because he said, “No one wants to read about a dinosaur ” and dropped it from their lineup that year. Duh! That was in early 1993 and six months later Jurassic Park the book came out, then the movie. Was he wrong. It sat in a drawer then for twenty years until I took it out, rewrote it and self-published it in 2012 as a sort of experiment and to date it’s been my bestselling novel of all time! So there, foolish old editor. I was right; you were wrong! I guess there was a reason fate didn’t want it to come out under a publisher’s imprint. I made 6% royalties back then with them and now the book fetches me 70% royalties by self-publishing it. And I got to pick the title and cover. I think Zebra’s original title was Predator (Yeck! Wasn’t there a movie by that name and it wasn’t about a dinosaur?) and the cover was of an empty boat on a lake. Boring.

3) Of all the books you’ve published, which is your favorite? ATimeofDemonandAngels_Kindle

My Dinosaur Lake books, of course, but my absolute favorite is A Time of Demons and Angels which I just rereleased (self-published with an amazing new cover by Dawne Dominique) as an eBook on Amazon. You can read about that book as well on its Amazon sales page. But to encapsulate, it’s a book dear to my heart as it was written for my sweet brother Jim (one of the main characters, a singer/songwriter, and brother to the other main character in the book, was based on him) who just passed away May 27 after a long fierce battle with cancer. The book is dedicated to him and all the beautiful music he wrote and played during his life. He was an amazing man and a good Christian. The book is about the end-of-days and a brother and sister singing duo who find out that they, along with their friends and family, must battle demons alongside the angels as the Rapture approaches. I believe it is my best book hands down. I’m still waiting for people to discover it. Maybe now they will.

4) What is it like being a published horror writer? What do your family and friends think?

DinosaurLakeIII_KindleYikes, I’ve been a horror writer, or a published writer, now for over 43 years; published for over 31 years…so I don’t even remember what my family thinks of my writing. Nah, joking. Of course they were/are proud of me but were/are also happy that I’ve written and published not only horror but murder mysteries, romantic suspense and romantic time travel books. So many people over the years have just asked: Why do you have to write horror? As if there’s something wrong with it. I tell them I write horror because I grew up loving it, reading it. But I am quick to say that my horror is traditional and basically PG or PG13. Witches, ghosts, werewolves, apocalyptic tales, murder mysteries – all with a touch of either romance or mystery, or both. And I’m proud to be one of only a small number of woman horror writers.     

5) What do you have going on now? Promotions? New books?

Over the last three years I self-published 6 of my newer novels and am slowly getting back the last 13 books I have with an earlier publisher. I just self-published the first of them A Time of Demons and Angels (previously called just A Time of Demons) and am in the process now ofputting all of my 6 self-published novels into CreateSpace paperbacks. I am working on the third book of my Spookie Town Murder Mysteries (Scraps of Paper, All things Slip Away) GhostsScrapsofPaper_Kindle_itunes_apple_Smashwords Beneath Us and hope to have it done and published by September 2015. My Dinosaur Lake and my Spookie Town Murder Mysteries have always been my best-sellers.

6) What advice would you give aspiring authors?

Writing is something you must do from your heart. Don’t expect to become rich or famous from it. I was poverty poor most of my life until I started self-publishing three years ago. Also, self-publish, self-publish, self-publish! Hire a good editor and a great cover artist and learn how to format the books yourself for eBooks and print. It isn’t that hard and if you need help of any kind join Kindle Boards (KBoards) and they will answer any questions you have on how to do any of it. Read J.A. Konrath’s blog, especially his back archives on how to self-publish. Also, writing is a lifelong marathon, not a sprint. I’ve been writing over 43 years now and 3 years ago the whole ballgame changed when I discovered self-publishing. Gosh, I wish I would have done it thirty years ago! I would have actually made a living at it instead of having had to work as a graphic artist job for most of my life. I Photo black capcould have written so many more books if the money would have been better. But no matter, at almost 65 years of age, I am on my way now.You can email me anytime about any of my books here: I enjoy hearing from my fans.






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