The Guardians: Forest of Ancestors – by K.A. Denver

A fantastic intriguing story that keeps you gripped and entertained from the beginning to the end, and leaves51ivjx3mSnL
you wanting more.


The Guardians: Forest of Ancestors is the début novel of a talented author Kathy Denver.

The forest of ancestors is a well written piece of fiction that grabs you right from the start, hold you tight and them body slams you at the end.
The book revolves around a small number of well written intriguing, well developed characters. This teamed with the quality descriptive writing makes you feel like you are there standing by the characters taking in, feeling and experiencing what they feel.

Kathy’s writing style is second to none and has just the right mix of building up the characters back story, with the current storyline with a constant drip of excitement and intrigue and then unleashing just a the right time a plot line that keeps you gripped to the page and wanting more. On a couple of occasions I even found myself holding my breath when I had finished reading some of the chapters.

The concept behind the story is refreshing and not your usual story about magic and witches, it leaves you wanting more and a desire to find out what happens next to Eli, the rest of the coven and what the D’thesh have in store for humanity.

I do say if you want a different and engaging read, I would purchase this book. I enjoyed it that much that I am waiting on it to come out on paperback so I can purchase it again so it can join the select few of my coveted books on my book shelf.

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