Short Story – Dani Brown – Sparkles


By Dani Brown

The fucking bitch put hidden glitter on her eyelids like she could predict I was coming to get her. Don’t fucking do that! If I absorb your personality, I too will sparkle. No one wants that. It won’t be a simple case of washing off some eyeshadow but my entire body will be like a goddamn sunbeam sent forth to rape your eyes and burn the back of your brain.

It was her hair that first caught my attention. Long and flowing, I wanted to feel the individual strands flossing dick cheese out of my foreskin and get her to pull them out of my arsecrack with her tongue.

I watched it bounce in the setting sun from my window. The shimmer sent chills through my spine and up my pisshole. Once the orange orb passed over the horizon and cast the world in shadow, I searched her out. I wanted her to be mine. She wouldn’t be allowed a say in it.

Each second in her presence, my black soul took more of her. This could have been the love of the ages, if it weren’t for the secret weapon buried in the flaps of skin around her eyes.

I approached and ran my fingers through her long locks. Moonlight made it sparkle as much as the sun. I don’t see why she felt the need to hide glitter in her eyelids.

Between her thighs was nothing but sweetness, like her soul, but I suppose I should have tasted something a bit off and hidden in the seed of a different man. I spat it into her anus and pushed it up there with my fist to be flushed down the toilet and forgotten.

Nothing down there sparkled. I didn’t see it when she closed her eyes as I slid myself in and bashed against her cervix. She laid panting into my ear and didn’t notice my lack of sweat. She drowned in too much of her own.

I blew my load and fell off. Emulating humanity, a pulled her into my arms. Her golden hair shone in my glow. I hadn’t taken in too much of her, yet I lit up the room.

I pushed her to the floor, screaming.

“What the fuck have you done?”

My confusion mirrored in her face. She didn’t have long to express it. Infuriated, I choked her with my dick. I always grew hard in times of anger, even if I couldn’t cum again.

She fought back. The feistiness made me want her more. The shimmer on her eyelids was exposed with her tears and sweat washing away the top layer of makeup.

There was nothing to do about my own shimmer except wait it out. It would be too embarrassing to go hunting in the state I found myself in. I ran my fingers along her delicate neck and sunk in my teeth.

Her blood didn’t taste as sweet as what waited between her thighs. Drained, she went limp in my arms. Even in death, she was beautiful.

I put her in a wheelbarrow with a bottle of rum in her arms. The glitter washed off with makeup wipes and thrown on her floor. She was mine.

It wasn’t far to my flat. I had a big freezer with no food. I shoved her small body inside, dislodging the ice maker to ensure it fit without breaking. Company until the shimmer fades away and I can go out again.

Every night, I take her out and defrost between her legs with my cock. My spunk freezes inside her. It’ll be a nice present to my next girlfriend.

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