Review – The Darkness of the Soul – Michael Noe

Book Summary: The Darkness of the Soul

 What happens when a world you created in your mind becomes a reality? Horror characters are jumping from the pages of a fiction book and stirring havoc in a small town in Ohio. The creator of these characters, William, is crippled by the insecurities of going through a difficult divorce. When his new love interest crosses paths with a delusional young man, Nick, spit starts to fly as the young man battles to win the same woman over. The inner battle with Nick’s demons sends him on a collision course to destroy the woman both of them love as murders start popping up all over Barberton. It’s a race against time to put a stop to the murders and find the ones responsible before death knocks at William’s door.


As a horror writer, I’ve often been asked how I can live with such dark thoughts in my head. I think we all get asked this sooner or later. Michael Noe, it appears, dedicated a book to answering this question.

In The Darkness of the Soul, the main character, William, unwittingly goes down the path of darkness – big time. He’s had a few hard knocks and the bitterness has manifested in his subconscious. No, he doesn’t turn serial killer, it is much more interesting than that. The dark thoughts turn into creatures that take physical form and go on a killing spree.

But since we mentioned serial killers…how would a real serial killer fair against the darkest thoughts of a horror writer?

The first situation on its own is interesting (the evil thoughts of a horror writer manifesting in physical entities), after all, the human psyche can get amazingly dark when we are in the pit of despair. But this added dimension, pitting these evil thoughts against a real serial killer…well, that was icing on the cake. It took the story to a completely new level.

I’d love to see a sequel to this book really.

A top notch read. Five stars


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