Review – Roma Gray – Haunted House Harbor

Interview on The Bold Mom:

“Haunted House Harbor” by Roma Gray is a terror book (part of Project 26, book 8) about the “perfect Apocalypse”. But no definition could ever describe the amazing work Gray brings to us.

The plot is complex, many characters are introduced at the same time, suffering a worldwide terrorist attack (a very creative one, I must say) each one of them, in their way. They find (or are they forced to find…?) shelter in a place which hosts its own evil entities.

You’ll still have to deal with what already lives in this town, and I think you will discover that it is always hungry.” With a cackling laugh, she added: “Welcome to Haunted House Harbor, boys.”

I won’t say anything else because I absolutely won’t ruin your read.

One of the best parts of the book is how real characters are. Thank you for that. No superheroes. A teen with Asperger (autism) with her mother in a wheelchair, are the center of the story. Police are confused and scared, lazy construction workers, robbers…

To me, this book is not about zombies, so don’t hang that label on it. Zombies are the element to intensify the story and bring that heart racing feeling to the reader. You need to read it to understand.

And what about Gray’s writing? She’s clear, delightfully ironic, very pleasurable to read. No endless descriptions but very accurate and sensorial. She pays attention to the tiny details that make you hear in your mind every sound, every broken thought… you freeze and lose your breath together with the characters. This book is quick to read, not because it’s simple but because you can’t just leave it.

The first part is dedicated to introducing all the characters, and the second is an avalanche of panic, action and that face you do when you’re watching something that will give you nightmares.

I read lots of books (lots) and I love terror, and believe me, this is GOOD. I would want to be a more serious reviewer at this moment, but I can’t because I’m very excited about this book and discovering Roma. I already purchased her other books and I can tell I will keep you updated.

I honestly recommend it to all action readers, suspense, thriller and of course, horror lovers.