Review – Feral by Lucretia Stanhope

(review by Tim Ricketts)

Feral – Paranormal Peacekeepers Part Two
Author: Lucretia Stanhope
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

Now I’m not a big fan of “Genre”. This says right in the title “A Dark Paranormal Fantasy.”

It is also a who dunnit and a good read. If you like wolves, wizards and other creatures this is right up your alley.

Now I raised my hand not realizing that it was book two of a series. Damn it, now I have to get book one. Well that’s not the case as this book stands on it’s own. The characters engage you and drag you into the story. I was wondering what would happen next and there was always something happening.

The story rushed to a climax of….wait, no you don’t get a spoiler. But it’s good.
I’ve read this author’s work before and enjoyed it. That’s why I immediately volunteered when I saw it was up for a review. If you like wolves, it’s a must read.