Review – Blood Moon Big Top – Toneye Eyenot

“Blood Moon Big Top is a fast paced, engaging werewolf novella recounting the story of Marbles the Clown, a loner who finally finds a place for himself performing in a family circus. He is bitten trying to help a feral child that he finds alone in the wilderness during one of his solitary walks. Marbles begins to undergo a transformation into a werewolf that takes many days and and involves phases that sometimes reduce him to a near catatonic state, and sometimes rouse him to levels of aggression that he has difficulty controlling.

One of the fascinations of the book is the emphasis on the transformation itself and the sensations that Marbles undergoes. It is not at all a smooth ride, involving both physical suffering and psychological trauma. Marbles tries to resist the increasingly compelling drive to hunt, kill and eat human victims, even trying to limit his diet to creatures of the forest. Slowly his resistance is overwhelmed as he evolves from a human afflicted with lycanthropic urges to a soulless ravening beast.

Another intriguing element is the care and attention provided to him by the members of his circus family. Marbles himself was a loner before he joined the circus and he stuck to himself, but he still gained the friendship and allegiance of the circus fraternity. Even in the depths of his transformation into a werewolf there are touching scenes of support and camaraderie. The one human instinct that remains with Marbles is his desire to rejoin the circus that left him behind during the depths of his illness. And that in fact is where the book’s tumultuous climax occurs – inside the Big Top. Don’t get me wrong, Blood Moon BIg Top is a rip-roaring page turner, but it also finds time to explore the human side of the horrific transformation from a man into a beast.

The writing is rich and lush, with just the right amount of description to establish atmosphere. Toneye Eyenot possesses strong narrative story telling skills, which are very much in evidence in this classical werewolf tale. Highly recommended!”

Review by G. Zimmerman – author of “Queen of Bones”