Review – Backwoods Bonfire – by Essel Pratt

Book Summary: Backwoods Bonfire

Horrific tales of fright told around a bonfire in during remote backwoods retreats are common among close friends. As each person tests the others’ ability to remain calm and resist the urge to look over a shoulder as the sounds of nature bellow out in the backdrop, only one may claim victory as the most frightening of the group.

Backwoods Bonfire inserts the reader into a group of friends that unintentionally create a case study on what horror means to them, attempting to coerce the others to believe that horror is specific, not fluid. However, one of the friends chooses to prove that horror is as real as the fire they all gather around.


Backwoods Bonfire is the kind of book you would want to take on a camping trip – or perhaps would be afraid to take on a camping trip.

The setup is simple, a group of friends on a camping trip telling scary stories around a roaring fire, each story just a little creepier than the last. All the while another larger, more horrific story is slowly sneaking up on the unsuspecting group.

I love books like this. The comradery between the characters, the creepy woods, and the even creepier stories – such great fun. And this book does not disappoint. I was highly impressed with the originality of the stories and the shifting mood (fun and happy to dark and scary).

Great fun all the way. Read it at home or on a trip, it’s the unforgettable trip into the woods you’ll remember for years to come.

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