P26 Special Edition Newsletter

P26 Special Edition Newsletter:

Twenty-six books, each one representing a different letter in the alphabet, with each letter in
turn representing a horror-related concept that starts with that letter.

The owner of JEA, catt dahman, challenged several JEA authors to participate in this grand project. The project consists of an assortment of anthologies (11), novels (13), and short story collections (2).

Novels/Collections: Arachnattack, Backwoods Bonfire, Carnival of Chaos, Festival of Flesh, Go-Lem, Haunted House Harbor: Humanity’s Hope, Jurassic Jackaroo: Jasper’s Junction, Killer Kruise, Lacrimation of the Leviathan, Orleans Occult: Bourbon Street Lucifer, Repercussions Run Rampant: Reports of Revenge, Regret, and Retribution, Ungodly Undoing: Tales of Ubiquitous Umbrage, Wolvz: Whispers of War, Xperimental Genocide

Anthologies: Dancing With Demons, Extraterrestrial, Insectile Illusion, Black Magic Massacre, Noctornal Nightmares, Psycho Path, Quarantine, Slaughter on the Seas, The Thicket, Vampire VendettaZombies: Zero Hour


Super Secret Project by Michael Noe


So You Want To Put Together an Anthology? by Jim Goforth: https://trickortreatthrillers.com/p26-special-edition-newsletter/article-so-you-want-to-put-together-an-anthology-jim-goforth/

Self-Discovery, One Story Each Week by Scott Essel Pratt



The Go-Lem by Mark Woods (Review by Persia Black of The Literary Librarian) https://trickortreatthrillers.com/p26-special-edition-newsletter/review-the-go-lem-by-mark-woods-from-the-literary-librarian/

Haunted House Harbor by Roma Gray (Review by The Bold Mom)



Roma Gray – Haunted House Harbor


Catt Dahman