Interviews – SK Gregory – Hell Town

Book Description Hell Town:

Lani dreams of leaving Hill Town and touring the country like she did with her dad when he was alive. Even her hot boyfriend Rick can’t stand in her way, and when a lawyer comes to the diner where she works, it looks like she might finally have a way out.
If only she decided to leave sooner…
When animals start to die mysteriously, the town gossips are out in force, but they have no idea what is really going on. Hill Town is about to be plunged into Hell.
A fight for survival…
With a pit open in the forest that leads nowhere good, creatures are escaping and snacking on the residents and it will only get worse before the night is over. Lani and Rick try to figure out a way to stop it, but time is running out. By dawn, He will rise and the world as they know it will be over.
Can they shut the pit in time?

Welcome to Hell Town.

Book Review (5 stars): 

Lani wants out of her town – bad. The day finally comes when she can at long last leave, but guess what? Hell has arrived in her little neck of the woods, so while everyone who wants to stay ends up running for their life, she stays behind to face the bad guys.

Sometime life just sucks that way.

This book is a solid adventure/horror novella that has you chasing here and there with one surprise after another until it leads you to the action-packed final conflict. What I especially liked about it, though, is that the book still has both feet on the ground. We have solid characters, with real problems and conflicts. Every time the main character thinks she’s figured out things, life throws her a few curve balls. Just like real life. This is an apocalyptic novel that likes to point out that even with Hell surrounding you at every turn, you’re still going to be wrapped up in your own problems, which I love, because honestly I think that really is how an apocalypse would work.

An entertaining read that is well written. Very enjoyable short read.


  • Tell us about your new work Hell Town?

Hell Town is a story I wrote a long time ago, but didn’t finish until recently. It is very much a B movie style horror about a small town which is about to be sucked into Hell. The main character Lani wants to leave town, she feels trapped there even before everything goes wrong. The only thing keeping her there is her boyfriend Rick. When all these creatures escape, Lani is one of the few people in the position to save the town.

  • I checked Amazon to see what you’ve published, and I was floored to see you have 64 writing credits listed! How many do you publish on average each year? Why do you think you are so prolific?

Do I! Lol, I didn’t even realize it was that many. There are a lot of short stories and novellas in there. I tend to write shorter stories. I have published 6 or 7 this year alone and hope to do another 4 at least. I can write very fast and I have stories planned out chapter by chapter beforehand so it really is just a matter of getting the words down.

  • Your books definitely have a dark feel to them. How do you come up with ideas? Is there a certain type of story or character that seems to fascinate you?

I’ve been watching horror from no age. My mother was a huge horror fan and there would always be a horror movie on in the house. A lot John Carpenter and Friday the 13thmovies. Weirdly, I find horror movies comforting! There’s almost always the bad guy and the final girl. I prefer the older stuff to recent movies. I think most of the recent movies rely too much on jump scares. Ideas just pop into my head. Sometimes it is a line, or a character or a situation and then I build the rest around it. If it is an exciting idea it stays with me. I love main characters who are real in that they don’t have everything together, they have problems, they mess up.  A lot of my characters would have questionable pasts too such as being a criminal. No one likes a perfect heroine with her life together. That can get boring after a while.

  • You have a very polished writing style. Other than writing 64 different works, what do you credit to this?

Trial and error and practice. I’ve been writing stories since I was a child. It was in my mid to late teens that I decided that I wanted to try and get published. Self-publishing wasn’t a thing back then. I read a lot, I’ve taken courses and classes on different aspects and I started working as an editor which really helped. I don’t pretend to be a brilliant writer, but I am always improving and my books do get some great feedback. I’m glad people like reading them.

  • What projects are in the works for you right now?

I am about to release the third book in my YA zombie series on June 15th. The first book was published in 2014, so there has been a bit of a gap! I am hosting an event on June 15thto celebrate the release. After that I will be working on two more books in a different series.