Interview – Toneye Eyenot – Blood Moon Big Top

Book Name and Description: BLOOD MOON BIG TOP

A Werewolf/Clown Horror novella, unleashed through J. Ellington Ashton Press, October 7, 2016.screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-7-31-45-am

Marbles is a loner/drifter who joins the circus as a clown. He uses it as a means to escape his dreary, misanthropic life, by taking on a different persona for a few hours a night. He wakes early one morning before the Full Moon gives way to the dawn and, out of coffee, decides to take a walk in the woods nearby. He chances upon a young feral boy asleep in a pile of leaves. When Marbles tries to help, he is bitten by the kid, who runs off and leaves him with a pretty nasty wound on his wrist. The next two weeks sees Marbles deteriorate gradually until he slips into a coma. A few days later, he wakes up in the morgue and over the following two weeks, Marbles sets out to return to the circus which has moved on. Only now, Marbles has a terrible hunger which can only be sated by human flesh. What follows is a two week journey of brutal murder, carnage and cannibalism as Marbles slowly but surely loses his identity and his mind. Marbles finally reaches the circus just in time for the next Full Moon and eye will leave it up to you to guess how things pan out from there hehe.

What gave you the idea for your book?

After starting out with The Scarlett Curse and turning that into an ongoing series of Dark Fantasy/Horror, eye have been wanting to write a Werewolf book. Eye have a few short stories about Werewolves, each fairly different from another, but with this one, eye wanted to take a fresh approach to the genre. Personally, eye love Clowns, but eye see it every day, the amount of people, even within the Horror circles of readers and authors, who are either freaked out by or just flat out shit scared of ‘em. It seemed to be the perfect choice of Horror ‘monster’ to blend with the Werewolf.

Why do you like werewolves so much?

Wolves have been my favourite animal as far back as eye can remember. That’s my biggest gripe about living in Australia – there are no wolves here. To me, the werewolf represents the beast which resides within us all. We all have a dark side, a beast within, and eye am fascinated by the part of human nature which embraces that beast. Also, being nocturnal, eye adore the Moon and despise the sun hahaha.

Tell us about your other career.

screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-7-34-20-amRight now, that part of my life is sitting on the backburner, with all three bands missing members, even though none of us have officially parted ways with said members. We do tend to take extended dirt naps but we never seem to actually die hahaha. However, music, specifically Extreme Metal and to a lesser degree, Punk, are directly responsible for my writing and getting published. The youngest band of about three years is the Punk band, Rock n Roll Detectives, in which eye ummm play bass hehe. That’s a lot of fun and eye can relax and act the fool. Then there’s Infinite Black – a misanthropic Black Metal band which takes me to some very dark places in my mind. We have been around since about 2007-8, recorded 2 ep’s and played  a few dozen gigs locally, but the original lineup of Infinite Black spawned back in ’94 before eye met any of them. RnRD lyrics are all written by Snr. Detective aka The Unnamed, who is also the guitarist and founding member of Infinite Black. With I.B., we’ve all written songs and The Unnamed and eye have even collaborated on one, Cloak & Sword, which we each wrote half of while both going through our own dark periods at the time. The most insane of the three bands, also founded by The Unnamed, is Chaotic Impurity. Born from the ashes of the original Infinite Black in around ’95-’96, C.I. was laid to rest for its longest dirt nap and was resurrected again in 2001. Eye met the drummer, Dark Legion around that time as he and The Unnamed were conspiring to bring C.I. back from the grave. He had a copy of a demo from my very first band, Nomenclature Diablerie way back in ’88. When he found out that was me on vokills, he asked if eye wanted to join Chaotic Impurity. Of korpse eye said yes. That reignited my passion for songwriting and eye went on to pen a stack of lyrics. When eye wrote The Scarlett Curse and was wondering where to get it published, my old Metal brother, Jim Goforth was involved in putting together the first Rejected For Content anthology with JEA Press. He encouraged me to send in some of my lyrics as poetry, Catt Dahman read them, and that’s how eye got my foot in the door to the published world.

 You’ve put out two books this year that are so completely different. How long does it take to write a Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00059]book? Was one more difficult than the other? Which is your favorite?

Joshua’s Folly took me about 4 moons to write; a vast improvement on the three years it took me to write The Scarlett Curse haha. Eye guess after spending so long with Scarlett and The Sacred Blade Of Profanity, Joshua’s Folly came a lot easier. Blood Moon Big Top only took me about 2 moons, so it seems the more eye progress, the quicker eye am producing results J

Tell me about your short stories? Which is your favorite? How many did you do this year? What books are they in?

All of my short stories fit the Horror theme, ranging from the subtle, creepy Horror, a touch of Bizarro here n there all the way through to the most extreme and gory. This year has been a huge year for anthologies and eye have stories in several, with several more awaiting publication. After these latest ones eye have committed to, eye am setting short story writing aside to focus on finishing my Sacred Blade Of Profanity series. This year, eye have stories and poetry appearing in several JEA anthos: Rejected For Content 4, Fata Arcana, screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-7-34-55-amSplat 2, Drowning In Gore, Suburban Secrets 2, JEApers Creepers, Lost Gods and Forgotten Cities, Doorway To Death, Trashed…eye think that’s it for ones already published. There’s also several awaiting publication, like Seasons Bleedings, Down The Rabbit Hole, How To Cook A Baby, VampZ Vz WolvZ and a few eye can’t mention just yet. There’s also a few non-JEA anthos as well. There’s the Vs antho which is a battle antho between Team US/Canada and Team UK/Australia which will be out soon, Blood Moon Rising 3 Anthology which just came out recently, and two from Anthology House called Sweet Dreams and Guts & Gore which are still taking submissions at this point. Racing the clock to get a story done for RFC5 and Splat 3 with JEA and eye think eye will have to put anthologies on hold after that hahaha. Eye have two books which require my urgent attention and have been largely neglected this year.

What do you have in the works now?

Apart from the aforementioned RFC 5 and Splat 3, eye have a Werewolf novella (yes, another one hahaha) and Book 3 in The Sacred Blade Of Profanity series, as yet untitled and around halfway through. Eye also have two editing gigs with Full Moon Slaughter anthology and a Demons antho from JEA. Full Moon Slaughter should be out later in October and the Demons one will be out later in the year.


Toneye Eyenot writes tales of horror and dark fantasy which have appeared in numerous anthologies over the past two years. He is the author of the ongoing SACRED BLADE OF PROFANITY series with two books, THE SCARLETT CURSE and JOSHUA’S FOLLY, published through J. Ellington Ashton Press and a third currently in the works. He has a clown/werewolf novella titled BLOOD MOON BIG TOP released with JEA Press and is the editor of the soon to be unleashed FULL MOON SLAUGHTER werewolf anthology, also with JEA. Toneye lurks in the Blue Mountains in NSW Australia, with the myriad voices who tear the horrors from his mind and splatter them onto the page. You can most easily connect with Toneye through his Facebook page






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