Interview – Sharon L. Higa – One Night In The Eternity Of…

Book Name and Description: The book title is One Night in the Eternity Of… and it is about an Asian vampire with Narcolepsy.

Interview Questions:

What gave you the idea for One Night in the Eternity Of…?

Actually, it was a very good and dear friend of mine, Kao Saechao, whom my main character, Homer Chao, is modeled after. Kao is such a wonderful, funny, goofball of a person, and I have another friend who actually has a family member who has narcolepsy – one wacky afternoon, the idea just hit me to meld the two together into the character of a vampire!

What got you into writing in this genre?

I am a natural psychic, and have clairvoyant and clairaudient talents, coupled with the fact that my older cousin began telling me horror stories when I was six years old. This sealed my fate regarding the fascination with the supernatural, which I dove into with all the eagerness of a born fanatic. Not that I’m a fanatic about anything at all – really! LOL

How long have you been writing?

I have been writing since I was nine years old, but I didn’t get serious about my stories until I moved to Tennessee at the age of 50. I then took my ideas and wrote three novels in two to three months. I spent the next five years trying to get published, before the wonderful JEA Press published my novel,# 6 – and Sirens Call Publications accepted my short story, “Where the Dead have Gone” for their Mental Ward: Echoes of the Past Anthology. The rest is history.

How do you think you’ve evolved creatively?

I have branched into different aspects of the genres of horror and supernatural thrillers. When I first began writing, my stories were very much like “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” or “Twilight Zone” in style, but I have found that I can work in other aspects such as zombies, vampires and werewolves, as well as hard core horror. I’ve also evolved in the style of writing I am using, and have begun to work very closely with the editors of the  publishing companies to refine my story telling while not losing my own ‘voice’.

What tools do you feel are must-haves for writers? 
The ability to accept constructive criticism and be willing to accept different ideas that improve your stories. This is very hard to do, since the majority of writers consider every novel, short story, poem, etc., is their own ‘baby’ – and rightly so. The trick is to understand when someone is helping and trying to develop your talents, and when they are not. This is an incredible tool to be able to use, as well as understanding that the research/information that is out there – throughout the world – can also enhance your tale. Utilize the world as your dictionary, and the possibilities are limitless.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received from another author?

To write what you know. That has been invaluable to me in creating my stories; I give the experiences and knowledge that has come into my life and give it my own twist that makes my tales unique to me.

What are you doing next?

I am actually finishing up a Zombie Western, titled “Preacher Bridges”, and will then focus on my novel about a female Demon Wrangler in Hell, titled “Hell’s Belle”. I also have seven other novels in various stages of completion, so I plan on keeping busy for a while! J

What advice would you give aspiring writers?

Never, ever stop writing. No matter what, no matter the critiques, the negative comments, the rejection letters – it doesn’t matter. Write because you want to write, because you love to write, and because it is in your blood. Everything else will fall into place when the timing is right.


Sharon L. Higa has been a published author since 2013, with

One short story, Where the Dead Have Gone, published by

Sirens Call Publications, as well as

Four novels – #6, Rose & Steel, Desert Tracks, One Night in the Eternity Of…

three novellas, Horrors and Occupational Hazards, Z-REGEN, and The Dam,

all published with JEA Press, as well as over twenty-five Short stories published with four publishers; JEA Press, Sirens Call Publications, Dark Chapter Press and Alucard Press.

She has received the ‘Editors Choice Award’ Title in two

Anthologies published by JEA Press, “Autumn Burning: Dreadtime Stories for the Wicked Soul”

And “All That Remains.”

She also won the ‘Males vs Females’ Competition by JEA Press against her estimable and noteworthy fellow author, Michael Fisher.

2015 -She received a Certificate Award  from JEA Press for being very

‘Professional’ in her interactions with both fellow authors, and the Staff at JEA Press.

2016 – She received a Certificate Award from JEA Press for being the ‘ Most Supportive Author’ for her fellow authors throughout the year.

She also received ‘First Place’ Title with the submission and acceptance of her short story,

I C U, published by Sirens Call Publications in their October, 2014 E-Zine.

Her short story, The Black Cat, was one of seven stories chosen and accepted by Dark Chapter Press for their anthology, “Eight Deadly Kisses.” The proceeds for this anthology are committed to CAMFED, a charity providing education for girls and young women in Africa.


She lives in East Tennessee and shares her home with five cats, one dog, and a ton of wildlife on 6 acres of property just ‘South of the River,’ on the outskirts of Kingston.

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