Interview – Mike Evans – Twisted Tales Tea Party


What gave you the idea for Voices In My Head?

I had been writing a few zombie stories back to back, and there had been a lot of back story to them. With this one I really was looking forward to just jumping into a slew of violence, gore, and pain. Voices in my head seemed perfect for it.

I hear you are in the book Twisted Tales Tea Party. Can you give us a sneak hint about your story?

Imagine having the sweet little boy next door, the most polite and sweet child that you would love to have over to yourTwisted Tales Tea Party home. Now take the oppsoite of that and you have a insane five year old living next to you who will kill anyone he wants when and if Michael takes over in place of Mikey the sweet ego.

What got you into writing horror?

I originally started writing a action dramatic thriller around 2010 when I finished I knew I wanted to write a zombie book. It has been mostly horror since then with a second series that isn’t horror which is my Gabriel assassin series that makes Bourne and Bond look like they are having tea parties.

What is the writing process like for you? What is your writing day like?

I outline, write a first draft, read it, send to editor read again, give to proof reader review notes, and publish that bad boy.

I have two small kids, I try not to write to often when they are awake or when my wife is awake. I usually get u at 3:45 AM and write until around 6 when I leave for work, do another half hour to hour at lunch, and then on the weekends I try to write from 5 to 8 in the morning while kids do breakfast and cartoons to wake up.

What is your favorite book (other than your own book, of course) and why?

I really like 11/22/63 by King, I like the intelligence of it and am a big fan of explanations and talking in books which he does great

Second book that I always say I like is the Atticus Kodak series by Greg Rucka it’s just a wonderful series about a body guard who at one point goes another route that I like very much.

What are you doing next?

I just put out my first children ya book about a group of children who fight a giant octopus and go to wizard school, I’m currently writing my first straight horror novel that will share some similarities to this book but is to date my favorite thing i’ve written called currently The Uninvited. I’ll probably go back to zombies for Zombies and Chainsaws 2 and The Orphans book 5 afterwards so no one strings me up. Also trying to get people to know about all books

What advice would you give aspiring writers?

Write everyday, don’t spam your book when it’s done, hire a pro editor, use beta readers, proof readers, and be nice. Being nice is as effective as anything.

Book link: The Orphans Trilogy (Book IV is at the editor right now!)

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