Interview – I.J. Smith

Today’s interview is with I.J. Smith, author of the zombie action thriller, Dead & Alive: Survive.

Book Summary:

Great Britain has been evacuated and quarantined, access is forbidden. When a mysterious message is received, they dead & alive(1)send in a Army Section to investigate. What they discover will send them on a journey through hell, can they survive, can they make it out within 24 hours.

What gave you the idea for your book Dead & Alive: Survive ? I also see it is listed as book 1. Can you tell us more about the series as well?

As a fan of all things Zombie, both book and movie I found myself getting tired of the same old stories being told Justin different ways. I wanted Dead & Alive to be something different and by the reviews I have achieved that.

This is book one in an ongoing series of books, I limited the word count to see if I could get an audience for it first.

I have the story planned out, and the drafts for at least five more books, all coming with the same on the edge action and fun.

What got you into writing horror?

Lol, my childhood. My parents hated watching horror film, but in classic style neither wanted to admit it. I guess at some point they thought I would never watch them if they showed me how bad they could be.

I was seven when my father had me watch A nightmare on Elm street with him, simply because he would not watch it alone lol. From that moment I was hooked, on many occasions freaking my parents out with my choice of film.

When I was eleven, I actually won a book contest in school, I wrote a simple horror story about dinosaurs and I never stopped.

What else have you written?

I do not like the idea of being stuck writing one genre. I have so many ideas and drafts for so many books across a wide category.

My first book was Infinity: Legend, Love, Honor. I have been told I have a flare for YA, and by the response of this book I have to agree. I regularly receive emails asking about when the sequel is coming.

What is the writing process like for you? What is your writing day like?

Comfort, I like to be comfortable when writing. I always lock myself away from all other distractions and have everything at hand, notes, pens and a bottle of coke lol.

The main part of my writing is done in the early evening, I care for my dad during the day and I luckily work from home so I come a certain time I can curl up on my bed, have some soft music playing and disappear into my own little world.

What is your favorite book (other than your own book, of course) and why?

David Gemmell – Legend, in truth I love all his work except for two of his books. In my eyes, he was such an underrated writer, when you see the junk on TV, I cannot believe his books were not snapped up years ago.

I suppose in a way I can relate to him, being able to create a world of my own.

What are you doing next?

I always have several works on the go. Infinity: Return of the Legends is next. I am also working on a group of short stories to accompany the Infinity series.

Dead & Alive: Sacrifice is then, and then I have a secret project I am working on. I new set of books formatted in a special way to appeal to a wider audience.

What advice would you give aspiring writers?

Never give up, Indie writers have the hardest time, but we have the freedom to create what want without publishers pushing us. I dream of being published one day, and would say to all writers that should be your dream.

I have travelled a rocky path in life, from a crappy childhood, working in a factory for years, discovering a heart condition and surviving personal difficult times.

So to all FIGHT, for your dreams.

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