Book Review – Sideshow by William Ollie

William Ollie resides in Orange Park, Florida with his wife and four cats. He is the author of Sideshow, Lord Of The Mountain, Killercon, and Fifteen Minutes. He maintains a web presence on Facebook


Sideshow is a short book, around 200 pages, full of twists turns and magic- It’s a great read from beginning to end.

The story starts out with a mysterious sideshow carnival complete with many strange and creepy characters.

one such character being the mysterious ringmaster, circus boss. The boss has many strange powers that will amaze and terrify the reader in such a way as to give nightmares and/or bad dreams.

Another great story angle is the mysterious non- moving cloud that appears over the small town. The men all go nuts and are mystically pulled by its existence.

This circus is full of twists turns and is a fun read that only gets better the further it goes on, no one gets out unscathed by the sideshow- not even the reader.

(Review by Brian Wemesfelder)