Book Review – Queen of Bones by G. Zimmerman

I read this book so fast , but with each page i just wish i could read it again, experience the strong feelings and anxiety for the surviving of Sara Hill again . This is the best bookscreen-shot-2016-11-02-at-5-54-05-am that i read this year, and i don’t think that there are many books out there that can top it!
The pictures that the very talented author Gregg Zimmerman draws using only words are like big paintings that give us a insight in the past and in the present life of the few survivors that are still populating the Earth after the deadly sun storms whiped out most of the living beings.
You get a feeling for Sara and her life, and just feel like if you are a part of that world, you tend to scream at her to duck or run and hide, you never know if she will survive the next challenge, the next misfortune
This book is special because it is about the underdog, the person that doesn’t have actually a chance to survive because she’s not only young and weak but also disabled. Sara Hill has rheumatoid arthritis but her dissability is the one that actully helps her to forsee the sun explosions before they happen. She can feel the next explosion in her bones about 2 hours before they take place and this gives her a chance to find cover in her own special way.Because Sara was not only blessed with the ability to predict the explosions, she also found a unique method to survive them ..a method so simple but so extraordinary … She is slow in a world where being fast can make the difference btw life and death, were each one has to fight for survival not only against the few people left that are depleted of morals but also against terrible sun explosions that left the earth scorged and barron. Sara is the kind of girl that you sometimes would like to slap for het behaviour but when you remember that she’s only 17 and all alone in a crude world you think about giving her a hug. Will Sara Hill make it to safety?
I can only hope that there will be a sequel to this unique read, because it is the best apocalyptic novel out there!
– 5 stars)