Book Review – Melanie Cossey – A Peculiar Curiosity

Book Description – A Peculiar Curiosity

Anthropology professor Duncan Clarke must get a handle on his anxiety disorder by the end of Christmas break, or risk losing the position to which he has tirelessly devoted himself for decades. When Clarke intercepts a box of macabre curiosities intended for the university, he discovers a travel journal from 1865 containing the frantic scribblings of Edward Walker, an eccentric Victorian curiosity dealer. Tucked within the journal is a disturbing drawing of a young boy, “Specimen Z”, the apparent victim of a Haitian Vodou witch doctor.Desperate to salvage his professional career and to discover the fate of the mysterious boy, Clarke follows clues left by the gruesome relics of his predecessor’s collection to discover the dark secret Walker kept in his basement, and his connection to the brutal crimes that terrorized London. Clarke’s holiday pastime becomes an all-consuming obsession as he begins to understand the chilling implications of the journal and the horror that ties his fate to Walker’s-for Clarke will stop at nothing to discover the truth, even at the cost of his career, his family, and his very life

Book Review (5 stars) 

A Peculiar Curiosityfrom author Melanie Cossey is an action-packed, artistically told adventure from beginning to end.

Not since Serpent and a Rainbowhas an evil been so beautifully intriguing- kept me in a reading frenzy until the very last word and even then I yearned for more.

The story begins with the finding of a journal of dark secrets inside a box of peculiar curiosities.

The journal then leads the reader through a journey that leads them into voodoo, zombies and a very old mystery.

Follow ‪anthropology professor Duncan Clarke as he reads the journal and goes through a revelation of a dark reality and an even more morbid adventure beyond the known and into the unknown.

It’s time to give this new author a read and find out what Peculiar Curiosities lie waiting in the darkness.

(written by Brian Wemesfelder)