Book Review – Hell’s Beginning – John T. M. Herres

Book Description – Hell’s Beginning:

When a stranger arrives in Charity Falls, Utah, he has one intent: get a drink and some rest before hitting the road again. An altercation with a lush brings back dark memories, and the woman’s final taunt tips him over the edge. He abducts and drags her off to an abandoned farm.

There, he introduces her to pain and suffering, on a journey into her darkest nightmares, and his bloodthirsty fantasy. However, the farm isn’t as secluded as he had hoped, and he is forced to deal with several others who have wandered too close to his lair.

When just two innocents remain, only a battle of survival will decide who will walk away.But, the killer strikes again, and only one who has been close to the horrors will know what must be done.Someone must put an end to the reign of terror that has begun

Book Review (5 stars):

Hell’s Beginning from author John T.M. Herres is an action-packed, gut-ripping adventure from beginning to end. It has bloody guts in spades and it’s all over the books pages.

Not since layman’s body rides has an evil been so dark, so mesmerizing and all together evil.

A dark entity rides the streets creating carnage from scene to bloody scene, can the police stop it? Will the host find yet another body in which to wreck more death and destruction?

It’s time to give this new author a read and find out these answers and more in John Herres Hell’s Beginnings-a five star read.

(Review by Brian Wemesfelder)