Article – J. Ellington Ashton Press – Project 26

P26 – Project 26

26 books, each one representing a different letter in the alphabet, with each letter in turn representing a horror-related concept that starts with that letter.

The owner of JEA, catt dahman, challenged several JEA authors to participate in this grand project. The project consists of an assortment of anthologies, novels, and short story collections.

Over a year in the making, the creative range and scope of this project is both awe inspiring and terrifying. We challenge you to collect them all.

This is a phased release. Current books published to date are:

Letter B – Backwoods Bonfire a novel by Scott Essel Pratt

Letter J –  Jurassic Jackaroo: Jasper Junction – a novel by Roma Gray

Letter L – Lacrimation of the Leviathan a novel by Scott Essel Pratt

Letter V – Vampz Vendetta an anthology featuring multiple JEA authors and edited by John Ledger.

What? They’re not being released in order? That’s right. At JEA we are rebels  How many? Which letters? No one knows.