Article – Horror Author View of Werewolves

We talked to several published horror authors about why they love werewolves. Here is what they said:

“We’ve always loved werewolves because they can be ordinary people but turn into brutal beasts by the light of the moon. The have a human side and a monstrous side. Often stories of them are more complex because their human side conflicts with their beastly side.  Author Michael Garza, “The Last Shadow Gate: The Shadow Gate Chronicles Book I”,  and “The Hand that Feeds”

“‪I love them because they represent the struggle we have between our primal side and rational side. I think we all fall somewhere between and that allows us to connect with them. Maybe the fear of losing to our own primal side is what makes them so scary.” Lucretia Stanhope – Blessedly Bound (An Elemental Witch Trials Novel Book 1)

“From tooth to fang, from nail to claw; to gorge on living quivering flesh, eye lust for nothing more.” Toneye Eyenot – author of “The Scarlet Curse”, “Joshua’s Folly” and “Blood Moon Big Top.”

“When all is said and done, and man has been experienced, nothing else but the wolf in guise of Man will do. You can never be rid of them, they course through your blood like a delirium inducing drug. They are the children of the moon, they are wicked, but once you have, you can never stop loving them.” Kitty Kane – author of short story “You Reap What You Sow”

“I like Werewolves and want to be one purely because I love meat, am naturally hairy and would love to go frolicking about in the woods. It’s the most natural of the supernatural entities. Plus being a vampire would be shit because I like the sunshine too much. “- Matthew Cash, author of the “The Cat Came Back” and the forthcoming “FUR”

“To howl at the moon, run unfettered through the night, and be all but indestructible – what’s not to love about being able to turn into a werewolf??!!” Sharon Higa – author of “6” and “Z-Regen”

“I love werewolves because to me they represent freedom and loss of inhibition. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that?” Mark Leney – author of “Extinction” and “Murder Under the Moon”